A brief synopsis of works-in-progress.


I'm currently an ACLS Public Fellow creating digital, social, and broadcast content for To the Best of Our Knowledge. I'm also working with RE:VIVE to commission new musical works based on archival sound collections.

Teaching and Research

My research and teaching interests center around sound, technology, the arts, and the environment. I'm currently one of the organizers of the new working group on sound studies at UW-Madison. I'm also on the editorial board of the ASAP/Journal.


I'm working on a manuscript tentatively titled Field Noise: Sound, Nature, and Technology in Twentieth Century America. It traces the history of environmental recordings and examines their impact in music, environmental politics, and cultural life.


I've kept a sporadic blog on various platforms for several years. In 2016, I gathered all the content I could recover from old WordPresses and Tumblrs and divided it into two separate Jekyll sites.


Field Noise

Field Noise is my "academic" blog, which is to say it's often about my research interests: archival sounds, environmental noise, music, and sound technologies.


Verify and Repair

I'm a self-taught code tinkerer, quanitified selfer, and workflow obsessive. Covers n00b experiences with Ruby, Git, IFTTT, and others.

Craig Eley

I'm a radio producer, sound enthusiast, and cultural historian based in Madison, Wisconsin. I have a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Iowa, and have held research fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution and the Penn State Institute for the Arts and Humanities. Current status: advocating for and negotiating public humanities scholarship and career paths. You can find my academic CV here.


In Record Time

In Record Time is a new segment for To the Best of Our Knowledge that I'm working on with Henry Sapoznik. He's the director of the Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture, a ravenous record collector, and a talented radio producer. We started these in early 2016 and are having a blast. This was our first segment:

Audio Essays

I've been messing around with audio essays since very early on in graduate school (2006 or so?), and while I haven't perfected my form or had a chance to make very many, I'm hoping to do some more.

Field Noise Mix Series

The Field Noise mix series was a non-narrated music and found sound podcast that I ran for a few installments in 2011-2012. In current podcasting parlance it's a mini-series, but really I just stopped making them at some point. Maybe one day I'll start working on Season 2.